Don’t let your tech wish under the Christmas tree?

Accessories you can give yourself as small extras - or as the main gift.

Christmas Eve has come and gone, with the foot of the Christmas tree surrounded by small and large packages.

Was there something you missed or an extra gift you want to give? Do you still have a few hundred pounds to go on, or are you looking for the finest gift for someone you love?

Then the right accessory for the mobile phone can be spot on.

Things at a reasonable price

Urbanista San Francisco earbuds and covers for popular phones from Samsung, Apple and Huawei.

It doesn’t take much to refresh your cell phone, and a cover can make the faithful gadget feel brand new.

Swedish iDeal has a number of attractive covers that fit several of the most popular mobile phones on the market. Particularly eye-catching are the colorful back coverings of hard plastic, which come in both floral and marble-like patterns. iDeal covers fit most Apple iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy 9 and 9+ phones as well as the Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact.

In the online store you will also find covers in all colors and shapes – even some that allow you to see screen elements with the cylinder head closed.

Looking for some affordable but good earplugs, Urbanista San Fransisco is a great option. Here you get good sound for the money, and the plugs sit comfortably in the ear.

Affordable and convenient for people on the move

iDeal Powerbank, affordable JBL and Sony wireless headphones, KEY wireless charging pad and JBL Bluetooth speakers.

Wireless sound is in vogue and Sony has some very good headphones that don’t cost the shirt. The CH500 headphones can be quickly and easily paired with the mobile. These may be especially suitable for children and have up to 20 hours of battery life.

JBL Tune T205

If you are on a hunt for someone who is always on the go, the manufacturer JBL has a lot to offer. Both the T450 headphones and the Tune T205 earbudsare wireless and have several hours of life before being charged. The headphones have a deep and powerful bass, while the earbuds are light and compact and fit all mobile phones.

The JBL GO are fresh wireless speakers that are perfect for traveling. These come in several different colors, and can withstand contact with water – whether you have it in the toboggan run or on the beach in the south.

On the voyage, you are also dependent on the units keeping their cooking. In addition to cracked covers, iDeal also has equally gorgeous power banks . They are sleek enough to fit in the bag and have the capacity to charge a mobile twice – lightning fast.

And do you want to charge your phones in style? Check out the KEY wireless charging plate . It is suitable for, among other things, the latest iPhone’s and allows the mobile to stay ahead without being hampered by the charging cable.

Great fun for under the thousand fold

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, Jaybird X3 Earplugs, Playfinity Ball and JBL Noise Canceling Headphones.

At Christmas we will eat and enjoy ourselves – and with good conscience. But after the holidays there are many who will trim the ribbed fat. Thus, Christmas gifts that suit activity can be both practical and motivating.

Playfinity is something as special as a digital outdoor game. The orange ball easily connects to a mobile and lets you play multiple pre-programmed games – or you can create your own. Who throws the ball the highest? Can you do 50 throws without it ending up in the ground? Do you get the ball over the invisible wall? With the Playfinity ball, you can challenge the kids to digital fun without the buttocks attached to the sofa.

JBL Reflect Contour BT

Those who like to listen to music while trimming will enjoy wireless ear plugs. Both Jaybird X3 and JBL Reflect Contour BT are designed specifically for training. Jaybird has replaceable “wings” that hold the plugs in the ear canal, while the JBL’s plugs have a hoop for extra good fit. This allows you to concentrate on the downhill run in the ski slope, without the plugs drifting around.

And before we round the thousand fold, we have to include a couple of other wireless teasers: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom and JBL Tune 600.

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Wireless Speaker is very handy, comes in multiple colors and has 360-degree sound. Despite being only 10 cm high, it delivers rich and good sound. You can also connect multiple speakers together for even more pressure.

JBL has something for every taste and money. Tune 600 is a wireless headset with clean, deep and powerful bass, as well as noise cancellation. Here you get quality and a lot of functionality for a very reasonable price.

The best accessory for the mobile

Beats Studio3, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch series 4, Apple AirPods and Apple TV.

Apple Watch series 4

These are the Christmas gifts for the high quality and the latest mobile accessories.

And it doesn’t get much newer than the Apple Watch series 4 with 4G and eSIM – which is finally available in Norway. Apple’s most advanced smart watch comes in two sizes, can stream music, make calls, receive messages and use Siri and Kart – even when your phone is at home. It is also packed with useful features. Among other things, it can register a fall, measure your pulse and make emergency calls. Apple Watch series 4 is admittedly very popular, so here is to reserve early , so it is ahead of Christmas Eve.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is an excellent alternative for smart watch enthusiasts who do not have an iPhone (the watch is also compatible with iOS). Galaxy Watch also features eSIM support, built-in heart rate monitor, GPS and is ideal for training. And it lasts for 3-4 days before it needs to be recharged, depending on the size you choose. This is an excellent smart watch for an Android user who trains and is much on the go.

For a first-class listening experience and noise reduction, Beats Studio3 is an excellent alternative. These state-of-the-art headphones calibrate the sound in real-time and reproduce the clarity, depth and mood of the music – while listening. These are the headphones for those who really appreciate good sound.

Wireless earbuds are really in vogue, thanks to Apple AirPods with its distinctive, almost extraterrestrial appearance. AirPods comes with its own charging case and automatically connects to the iPhone when taken out. And don’t be afraid – AirPods is stuck, even when you are in activity.

JBL Link 10

We have talked a lot about the JBL in this guide, and here comes a final recommendation: the wireless speaker Link 10 is another excellent wireless option. While handy to pack, it delivers super sound, waterproof, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – and a built-in Google assistant. Take it with you everywhere, and let the voice assistant help you with what you need.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom is the big brother of Wonderboom, as we mentioned earlier. It does all that the smaller version does, but is a few tricks in all areas. Good 360-degree sound, easy to carry and good wireless range – here you get a lot of fun for the money.

But will give a gift that lets you put away the cell phones and gather the family’s attention around something in common? Apple TV is a top class TV experience! Here you have access to hours of movies, series and direct TV in excellent quality. Perfect in the days after Christmas Eve, when Christmas films and New Year’s Eve are on the program.

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